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If you had one of your closest relatives/friends doing bad things in their past, like say, they killed someone, would you judge them by that one act, whether or not they’re good people or bad people?I just felt sick by people who always remember bad things about certain people and judge them by that one act, over and over, year after year, without realizing they’ve done so many good things, more than the bad things. Why can’t they just let things be and move on?

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The Beatles, backstage at Public Auditorium, Cleveland; captured by Curt Gunther (1964)

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I just found an article talking about Divergent, you know, the book and the movie. While it’s praising it at some points, it also criticizing it in others.
I read Divergent quite a while ago and I have to say that, while it’s quite okay as a story, I couldn’t relate to the characters, as well as I couldn’t relate to the main heroine’s way of thinking.
The thing is, the more I read the more I got confused by the heroine, or should I say, the more I disagree with her.
I mean, I never read a book where I disagree with the main character, especially when the author used the said character’s point of view. I get that by reading this book. At the end of the reading, I couldn’t decide if I liked the book or not. By sometimes later, I decide that how could I like a book if I found myself disagreeing with the main character (and the author who wrote it) most of the time.
Well, I know most of Tumblr people and my younger friends, liked this book (and the movie), so this post is not intended to piss you guys off, trust me.
It’s just how I see it.

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The best thing came out from Liverpool is The Beatles, and nothing else.

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I get shivers imagining life if Liverpool win the league.

Unbearable. Insufferable. Numbnuts, Unimaginable.

God forbid, please, somehow, stop this from happening

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Podunk - Foo Fighters